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Tim J. Kirsch, CIH
Senior Director, 
Capital Projects and Safety 
Facilities Management
412-397-6282 Phone
412-397-6474 Fax

Olivia A. Lampenfeld
Safety Specialist
412-397-5919 Phone
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Safety Policies

The safety committee and each of the written management plans establish the foundation for a comprehensive safety process. The management plans define the implementation policies and procedures, the process for educating staff, and how we measure performance. In addition, these plans establish a formal organizational structure designed to facilitate the achievement of our safety goals and objectives.

Please click on the below links for the detailed policies:

Safety Management
  1. Incident Investigation and Reporting
  2. Bloodborne Pathogen
  3. Fall Prevention & Protection
  4. Aerial Lift Safety
  5. The Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
  6. Personal Protective Equipment
  7. Confined Space Entry
  8. Hearing Conservation
  9. Contractor’s Safety Handbook
  10. Forklifts and Tow Motors
Security Management
  1. Golf Cart and Service Vehicle Safety
  2. Key and Access Control
Hazardous Materials and Waste Management
  1. Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal
  2. Universal and Regulated Waste Management
  3. Hazard Communication
  4. Asbestos Management
  5. Ammonia Plan
  6. Guidelines for Compressed Gas Cylinders
Lab Safety Management
  1. Chemical Hygiene
  2. Disposal of Sharps and Broken Glass
  3. Handling of Peroxide Forming Chemicals
  4. SNHS Job Shadowing Policy
Fire Safety Management
  1. Fire Procedures
Emergency Management
  1. Emergency Response Plan
  2. Tab A Power Failure
  3. Tab K Information Systems Failure
  4. Tab O Bomb Threat or Suspicious Packages
  5. Tab O Bomb Threat Checklist
  6. Tab Q Active Shooter-Hostage Barricade Incident
  7. Tab X Fire Emergency
  8. Tab JJ Extreme Weather Events
  9. Tab SS Pandemic-Campus Outbreak
  10. Main Campus SPPC & PPC Response Plan
  11. ISC PPC Response Plan

Utility Systems Management