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Facilities Containing Asbestos

List of Facilities Containing ACBM

Building Asbestos-Containing Material / Location
Adams Hall Asbestos Abatement Completed
Athletic Pavilion New-Constructed 1997
Barry Center No Asbestos Containing Materials Identified
Benjamin Rush Asbestos Abatement Completed
Braddock Hall Asbestos Abatement Completed
Concord Hall New-Constructed 2006
Facilities Service Center Asbestos Abatement Completed
Franklin Center No Asbestos containing materials identified
Gallatin Hall Asbestos Abatement Completed
Hale Center Asbestos containing textured ceiling material throughout
Enclosed above drywall
Hamilton Hall Asbestos Abatement Completed
Hancock Hall Asbestos Abatement Completed
ISC Golf Dome New-Constructed 1999
ISC Ice Arena New-Constructed 1999
ISC Neville Island House/Garage a) Kitchen linoleum, drywall joint compound throughout
b) Duct seam tape in basement
c) Window caulking throughout
d) Block insulation in the basement
e) Tarpaper on garage roof
Jefferson Center a) Asbestos containing ceiling finish (rough) throughout 2nd floor & limited on 1st floor
b) Asbestos containing acoustical ceiling tiles - upper level room
c) Asbestos containing boiler insulation
d) Asbestos containing floor tile througout 2nd floor & limited on 1st floor
Joe Walton Stadium New-Constructed 2005
John Jay Center a) Asbestos containing floor tile in rooms 262, 263
b) Asbestos containing floor tile and mastic throughout 1st floor/Eng. Dept.
Lafayette Center a) Asbestos containing floor tile - 1st floor bottom of stairs
b) Asbestos containing ceiling tile - 2nd floor stairwell
Lexington Hall New-Constructed 2001
Madison Hall Asbestos Abatement Completed
Marshall Hall Asbestos Abatement Completed
Massey Hall No Asbestos Containing Materials Identified
Melvin Teetz Alumni House New-Constructed 2004
Monroe Hall Asbestos Abatement Completed
Nicholson Center New-Constructed 1999
Patrick Henry Center Asbestos containing floor tile and mastic in various hallways and rooms
Revere Center No Asbestos Containing Materials Identified
Rogal Family Chapel New-Constructed 2002
Rooney House New-Constructed 2004
Ross Hall Asbestos Abatement Completed
Salem Hall New-Constructed 2011
School of Business New-Constructed 2011
SCIS - Wheatley Center Original construction (Wayne Center 2003)
Sewall Center No Asbestos Containing Materials Identified
Snee-Reinhardt - Media Arts House New-Constructed 2010
Washington Hall Asbestos Containing Floor Tile and Mastic throughout
Asbestos Containing Pipe Insulation in Generator Building
Yorktown Hall Suspect materials noted throughout
Renovation/Expansion 2012