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RMU has recently established a University Safety Committee, responsible for the development and administration of a comprehensive safety process for the University. The committee is co-chaired by William J. Katip, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs and Mr. Dan W. Kiener, Senior Vice President for Business Affairs. Additionally, Robert Morris hired Timothy J. Kirsch, Safety Officer to provide direction, oversight and technical guidance related to the safety process.

The University Safety Committee has approximately 18 members, who provide representation from a cross section of organizational disciplines and the University campuses. The committee has established "By-Laws" which identify the purpose, mission and goals RMU will continue to operate. The safety process is intended to provide a safe physical environment free of recognized hazards, manage activities to reduce the risk of injuries and preserve the safety of all persons at the University.

The scope of the safety process has been designed to include all faculty, staff, students and other visitors to the University. Additionally, there are several safety aspects or functional areas included in the scope of the overall safety process. These functional areas are being administered by seven (7) subcommittees as follows:
  1. Safety Management - chaired by Jill Whitmer
    Security Management - chaired by Randy Mink
    Hazardous Materials & Waste - chaired by Tim Kirsch
    Lab Safety Management - chaired by Paul Badger
    Fire Safety Management - chaired by Melinda Martin
    Emergency Management - chaired by Mike Rick
    Utility Systems Management - chaired by Perry Roofner
Each of these subcommittees are finalizing detailed Management Plans, which summarize the goals, responsibilities and specific implementation policies and procedures to be established to achieve RMU's overall mission and goals for a safe environment.

Released: 1/23/2006